Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph 5.4 2001 – the iconic you probably won’t ever buy

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City fuel economy 25.4
Highway fuel economy 12.8
Mixed mode fuel economy 17.4
Fuel tank volume 94
Fuel distance from 370
Fuel distance to 730
Recommended fuel AI-95
Ecological standard
Full speed 225
Time for acceleration to 100 km/h 7.6
Engine volume 5379
Engine power 326
Turnovers max power of 5000
Maximum power rotations no data
Maximum torque 490
Turnovers max torque of no data
Maximum torque rotations 3900
Engine type Gasoline
Engine configuration V-type
Injection type Multipoint injection
Availability of intercooler no data
Number of cylinders 12
Number of valves per cylinder 2
Cylinder diameter 85
Piston stroke 79
Transmission Automatic, 5-speed
Wheel drive Rear
Seats 5
Length 5390
Width 1930
Height 1514
Wheelbase 3117
Front track 1610
Rear track 1610
Ground clearance 140
Curb weight 2400
Admissible gross weight 2750
Payload no data
Trunk volume 350
cargo_volume_to 375
Weight on front axle no data
Weight on back axle no data
Front suspension Double wishbone
Rear suspension Double wishbone
Front brakes Disc ventilated
Rear brakes Disc ventilated

Despite the fact that it might never again have the capacity to justify its reality as the best auto on the planet, a 2001 rolls royce silver seraph without a doubt has something that different autos need.

Situate yourself behind that long hat and impression the Spirit of Ecstasy toward the end and you know you’ve unquestionably arrived. If you imagined that this kind of extravagance doesn’t come shoddy, you’re correct, yet neither does it need to be the sole safeguard of the foundation.

On the Road

The all-aluminum V-12 engine, planned by BMW, has been mated to a versatile five-speed transmission and another suspension framework to give the Rolls Royce Silver Seraph a swift, yet refined driving knowledge.

The transmission persistently screens both street and driver reactions and chooses outfit change limits that are fitting for the driving conditions.


The Silver Seraph denote another begin for Rolls-Royce in their mission to again be perceived as producers of the world’s best autos. What’s more, it’s a significant sound exertion.

As an utilized purchase, the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph puts forth a superior defense for itself than new, the sturdiness of the languid, unstressed 5.4-liter V12 BMW engine scarcely pursue in the (moderately) low mileages that normal Rolls proprietors clock up.

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