Chevrolet Impala 6.5 follows its passion

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City fuel economy 30.2
Highway fuel economy 16.8
Mixed mode fuel economy 19
Fuel tank volume 90.8
Fuel distance from 300
Fuel distance to 540
Recommended fuel AI-92
Ecological standard
Full speed 202
Time for acceleration to 100 km/h 8.5
Engine volume 6489
Engine power 325
Turnovers max power of no data
Maximum power rotations 4800
Maximum torque 410
Turnovers max torque of no data
Maximum torque rotations 3200
Engine type Gasoline
Engine configuration V-type
Injection type Carburetor
Availability of intercooler no data
Number of cylinders 8
Number of valves per cylinder 2
Cylinder diameter 104
Piston stroke 95.5
Transmission Automatic, 3-speed
Wheel drive Rear
Seats 5
Length 5453
Width 2022
Height 1417
Wheelbase 3023
Front track 1582
Rear track 1585
Ground clearance 147
Curb weight 1868
Admissible gross weight no data
Payload no data
Trunk volume no data
cargo_volume_to no data
Weight on front axle no data
Weight on back axle no data
Front suspension Independent, Spring
Rear suspension Solid axle, A-shaped lever, Dampers, Helical springs
Front brakes Drum
Rear brakes Drum

Have you ever wonder how many cars are being produced by automobile companies just to make transportation looks more modern and innovating? Have you ever wonder about the value of each car that is passing by your street every day?

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The Chevrolet is an automobile company that manufactures high quality vehicles such as the Chevrolet Impala.

This car has become the company’s most expensive passenger car and it has become their best-selling product in USA. Back in 2014, the Chevrolet Impala won being the first rank in the Affordable Large Cars in U.S News & World Report’s Rankings.
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Short throwback

Let’s have a short throwback, back in the 1960’s Chevrolet created its fourth generation Impala, an automobile that has a potential to become a junior-grade Cadillac because of the Chevrolet Impala 6.5 Jet Turbo V8 engine.

All of the Chevrolet Impalas that are created in this generation can be able to receive facelifts every year in order to sustain the car’s quality. All of the best components made by Chevrolet were placed in this fourth generation model of the Impala thus it becomes one of the best selling cars in the United States.
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Follows its passion

Now you see how Chevrolet Impalla follows its passion when it comes in manufacturing cars. Not just that, since the cars from this company are affordable, many people will invest on it because the quality of the components of each car show how hard-working this company is.

Thanks to Chevrolet, we will be able to live in a high quality lifestyle as we are driving down the road.
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