Chevrolet Impala 5.0 1978 – an iconic US auto maker

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City fuel economy 23
Highway fuel economy 13.3
Mixed mode fuel economy 19.2
Fuel tank volume 83.3
Fuel distance from 360
Fuel distance to 630
Recommended fuel AI-92
Ecological standard
Full speed 159
Time for acceleration to 100 km/h 15.3
Engine volume 4998
Engine power 145
Turnovers max power of no data
Maximum power rotations 3800
Maximum torque 325
Turnovers max torque of no data
Maximum torque rotations 2400
Engine type Gasoline
Engine configuration V-type
Injection type Carburetor
Availability of intercooler no data
Number of cylinders 8
Number of valves per cylinder 2
Cylinder diameter 94.89
Piston stroke 88.4
Transmission Automatic, 3-speed
Wheel drive Rear
Seats 6
Length 5385
Width 1930
Height 1473
Wheelbase 2945
Front track 1568
Rear track 1542
Ground clearance 147
Curb weight 1887
Admissible gross weight no data
Payload no data
Trunk volume no data
cargo_volume_to 2484
Weight on front axle no data
Weight on back axle no data
Front suspension Independent, Lever, Dampers, Spring, Stabilizer bar
Rear suspension Independent, Trailing arms, Spring, Stabilizer bar
Front brakes Disc
Rear brakes Drum

The 1978 Chevrolet Impala base engine is a 250 cubic-inch, 110 strength inline-six. The other two discretionary engines accessible are a 305 cubic-inch, 145 strength V8 engine and a 350 cubic-inch, 170 torque V8 engine.

Each of the 1978 chevrolet impala, chevrolet impala 1978 models are fabricated with a programmed transmission.

Interior and exterior

The Impala accompanies an inside of either fabric or vinyl, with the alternative of a 50/50 split front seat. The Chevrolet Impala 1978‘s flame broil has flat bars with the Chevrolet logo above it. The taillights are additionally updated, with bigger reinforcement lights.

The Impala comes in two body styles: the car and the roadster. This auto is the best one I’ve at any point claimed. It’s conceivable that I quite recently had some sort of auto ESP with it or whatever, yet she never abandons me in favor of the street.


Chevrolet Impala 1978 is an iconic US auto maker. Chevrolet has earned its notoriety by offering customers solid and reasonable vehicles inside its tremendous and finish lineup from sub-compacts to overwhelming obligation trucks.

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